Most folks who know me are aware I love reading & writing science fiction and fantasy. I also love Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books, especially their reviews of cover designs.

So I was especially interested when, last week, the Smart Bitches were pondering the reasons why urban fantasy is so huge at the moment and seems to be getting even bigger. They quoted some figures from Orbit publisher Tim Holman that showed urban fantasy represented more than half the titles in the top 20 fantasy bestseller list.

Sarah asked those savvy folk at Orbit why this was so, and why romance readers especially were taking up urban fantasy in large numbers:

While traditionally fantasy and science fiction have gone for the male readership and the majority of authors has been male, a lot more writers in the genre are now women—and women write things that appeal to them—and to other women. So I think the urban fantasy market is more of a reaction in recent years to the fact that a) the readership and the authorship is changing b) the editors in the majority of houses are female and c) the largest readers demographically are female and for the genre as a whole to grow, it has to change.

The whole post is worth a read, and don’t skimp on the comments. Generally, though, these observations make me feel pretty good about the prospects for my fave genre.