I am in Darwin for the annual get-together of state writers centre directors. Here it is warm and humid (which means my hair is annoyingly frizzy) and the ocean is blue. Not wussy sea green-blue, but Gold Coast motel artwork aquamarine blue. Since I’m spending more time looking around than reading feeds, I’m trusting youse all to be satisfied with a few nifty links:

  • Guys Lit Wire: Fabbo new blog aimed at hooking teenage boys on great reads (and, frankly, I’m hooked as well)
  • YA Mansion: Where all young adult writers live together in a mansion in New York City… apparently! But for those who are just visiting, you’ll find YA reviews, news, interviews and (and other things that rhyme with ewes)
  • The Living: A ‘wovel’ (web-based novel) where you get to vote on the storyline. Thanks to the talented and extremely lovely Gary Kemble at articulate for the heads up!