Everyone loves to recommend a good read. Hell, it’s what makes the book world go round. So here’s your chance. I’m off to Canada and the US next week and I’m following Sherman Young’s lead and going digital all the way. So I’m looking to load up ye olde iPhone with things to read and books to listen to. Suggestions welcome, as long as I can get it in digital format.

Here are some examples of things I will be making sure are “packed”:

  • the last few episodes of Litopia After Dark [always a thoughtful and entertaining show]
  • Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte (Librivox) [this wonderful audiobook store now has 365 days worth of audio content available absolutely free]
  • Content – Cory Doctorow (craphound.com) [I actually recently bought this in hardcover but couldn’t be arsed taking the dead-tree version on the plane with me]
  • The Hollow Men – ABC TV [I missed the last few episodes on telly and am just loving ABC’s new free downloads]
  • Magic For Beginners – Kelly Link [available for 12 months as a free CC-licensed download]

What else, what else? Send your suggestions!