Alphabet SoupA round up of some interesting links that escaped my attention in the feeds the last few weeks…


2009 – the year the physical bookstore lays down and dies?
Over at Futurismic, Paul Raven looks at a NYT article sounding the death knell of bricks and mortar bookstores. Seriously, NYT, you really think booksellers are going out of business because people are swapping books with friends? You sure it’s not because of structural economic change in the supply chain?

Brave New World’s 2009 Predictions
Martyn Daniels hangs nails his colours to the mast for the year ahead in publishing.

iPhone Apps for the Bottom Line
HarperStudio’s 26th Story looks at publishing-related apps for iPhones. Personally, I’m pretty impatient for publishers to get in the game with this.

The economics of video games
Dan Visel at if:book points picks up on an interesting point in an essay by John Lanchester about the artistic merit of video games. Are games bucking the trend of cheaper production and democratisation of media?

Unseen Hands Turn These Pages
New Matilda is running a marvelous series on Australian culture over the summer. One of the essays is by John Hunter, General Manager of SPUNC (Small Press Underground Collective) about the vital economy of Australian independent and small press publishing. [P.S. Spiffy new website, SPUNC, congrats!]

Book Designs of the Year, 2008
There are some seriously funky, creative people at the Penguin Art Department, if one judges their books by the covers. Check out their favourite book designs for the year just past. I look forward to more in 2009.